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Twin Oaks Housing Co-operative is a 32 unit co-op established in 1984 and located at 4030 Lochside Drive in Saanich near the intersection of McKenzie Avenue and Borden Street. 


As a co-operative, we rely on member participation. Members are expected to attend all general meetings and to participate on Committees or the Board of Directors. 


As a co-op member, you have a say in decisions that affect your home. You and your neighbours own your homes together, which means you have a say in how they are managed. Co-op housing is not public housing. Co-ops are self-governed, mixed-income communities, home to people of all ages and backgrounds. This diversity is one of the co-op movement’s greatest strengths.


Quite simply, co-ops are communities in the truest sense of the word. While it’s common to hear people in other forms of housing say they don’t know or never speak to their neighbours, co-op members live and work together to create homes in real communities.

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